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Manuela Horn, also known as the Austrian Amazon, is a yodeling, dancing, acting comedic force of nature. After small roles in independent movies and her own German children’s TV show, she turned her 6' 2" height into an asset as a host for corporate events and galas across the globe. Not to mention, Manuela stands 6' 7" while in her heels!

She is most recognized for her 2009 performance on America's Got Talent.  Her nearly seven-foot-tall yodeling dominatrix character made it to the semifinals of that competition.

Imported from Berlin’s Pomp Duck & Circumstance to America in 2002, Manuela has been a central cast member with Teatro Zinzanni ever since.  There she has performed and developed a wide variety of comedic characters and larger-than-life singing acts.

Besides performing worldwide in the Dinner Cirque Cabaret world, Manuela is the Queen of Oktoberfest.  With the motto “It’s always Oktoberfest somewhere,” Manuela emcees and headlines the biggest Oktoberfests across America.


Manuela Horn and Elvez
Clown galore
Oktoberfest Queen and Baaab
The Yodeling Dominatrix and her Panda
Comedy Ambassador
Manuela Horn in Hawaii
GiGi in action
Child star in action at Teatro Zinzanni

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Alter Egos

The Yodeling Dominatrix at Teatro Zinzanni
Oktoberfest Queen
Oktoberfest Queen

Photo by Tony Chu

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Comedy Ambassadore
Comedy Ambassadore
Clown Galore
Clown Galore
Naughty nurse and Dr. Love
Naughty nurse and Dr. Love

Manuela Horn and Elvez

Roxy in action
Roxy in action

Moisture Festival


Photo by Micheal Doucette


Photo by Micheal Doucette


Photo by Cornicello

Cabaret host
Cabaret host

Photo by Cornicello



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Bucket List


1 Making a duet music video with Al Vankovich

2 Have a photo shoot in Japan on the streets in the crowd

3 Compete in a Yodel competition in Switzerland

4 Getting my own Reality TV Show

5 Touring America in my own Tour Van

Star in a musical

7 Being impersonated by Drag queens

8 Someone using my music in a Burlesque Show

9 Have a beer with Arnold Schwarzenegger (we are from the same city)

10 Star in a feature film

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Seattle Magazin, Nov 2017

Teatro Zinzanni The Yodeling Dominatrix Yodeling Superstar Yodel Queen dinner theater singer professional yodeler clown comedian  actress
named "Yodeling Superstar" 
by Everfest​

"Some call her the Austrian Amazon; some know her as the Queen of Oktoberfest. Whatever the nickname, one thing remains true – Manuela Horn is an acting, dancing, yodeling, and comedic force of nature."


Saint Bryan, KING 5 Evening 

REDMOND,WASH - When Manuela Horn walks into a room people take notice. She's nearly seven feet tall in heels and can yodel Madonna's "Like a Virgin". Just one of the many talents Horn brings to the dinner shows at Teatro Zinzanni.





Host-MC-Spokesperson-Product Representative

Corporate, holiday, private, or any kind of special event, I am always ready to present & represent you or your product with color & professionalism.  I love crafting events with an energetic narrative.  Lately producers have been hiring me to work Oktoberfest crowds, performing songs or holding yodeling contests between the musical acts.  Working as a product spokesperson & MC’ing massive sporting events is where I got my start in show business & I live to seduce large crowds.

Singer-Yodler-Alpine Rock Star

I currently have three shows available as a solo act with recorded back up tracks or with a 3 – 7 piece band called “The Oktoburlesques”

Headlining Oktoberfest party

  • Designed to help venues change format from Bavarian umpah to upbeat electronic dance

  • Very participatory,  lots of call & response, conga lines and party games

Yodeling Bavarian vixen set

  • Designed to keep grandma dancing with the grandkids

  • Great for kids audiences

  • Full of standard Oktoberfest & Bavarian songs

The Yodeling Dominatrix

  • Designed to make David Letterman blush or open for U2

  • Hard rocking set with her yodelicious take on classic rock songs

Design your own Show

  • Manuela takes requests and loves to craft sets for specific environments

  • Very comfortable with the entire German cabaret song book

  • Longer than a grand piano, Manuela has a comic twist for many jazz standards

  • Take your wedding, sweet 16 or bar mitzvah into the hornosphere

Clown – Cabaret – Actress

Just like the clowning you may have experienced at cirque du soleil or teatro zinzanni, Manuela has a perfect character for any interactive performance environment.  Very comfortable with improv,  Manuela has contributed innumerable characters to the mirrored palace tents of Europe & maintains a home as a permanent cast member of Teatro Zinzanni.  Giver her lemons and she makes a lemon drop.   As a SAG member, Manuela is always ready for an exciting script.

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